Crazy in the Sunlight  members are

a collection of talented veterans of the

jersey shore music scene. Upon request, our horn section can join us and add another dimension to our sound!   




   Crazy in the Sunlight   Is comprised of :

        Stephen Thiel     on  keyboards 

                  from  Heavy On The Rice 

        Eric Thiel       on guitar and vocals   

         from Blue Light Rain , The Dogbats 


        Tom Herbert       on bass from      

     Sunny Day StrutDays Between Band

        Laura Deykerhoff    on vocals

          from      The Honey Badgers Band


        Ben Camooso    on drums from       

                 The Honey Badgers Band,

                        Splintered Wood

    John Ramspacher    on percussion 

          from    The Kolor Blynd Band, &

                  The Scannella Group